About Spa & Massage Therapy

Spa word is also believed to be originating from a "Spa" name of the town in Belgium. During primeval period most of the provinces and faith believed bathing in spring water or Holy River results in physical and spiritual purification. Asian and Roman kings and rulers were treated with hot tub, mud bath and sauna after war or combat exercises. Water treatment was branded as "Spa therapy" and "Spa Aqua Therapies" were accessible exclusively to royal families. Presently the term "Spa" defines a place for massage as well as nail, facial and water treatments. Some spa facilities may offer either nail or facial treatment only.

Massage therapy provided in Spa are mostly for relaxation and also for musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapist carefully plans treatment for musculoskeletal pain after detailed discussion with their clients. Massage therapy is frequently combined with steam sauna before and after massage. Cosmetic treatment such as facial and skin therapy is preceded by treatment with steam sauna. Steam sauna helps to hydrate and soften skin. Most spa therapists specialize in massage therapy, but it is possible to work as a spa therapist without performing any type of massage. Few spa therapists may specialize in only beauty treatments and skin care.

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